Setting Goals and Making Dreams a Reality ?

How many times have you set goals or made New Year resolutions but found yourself three months into the new year with no action steps to achieve them? This is the case for many people. Oftentimes, one will have goals that he or she wants to achieve. Some people want to lose weight. Others might want to start a business or decrease their debt. Whatever the goal may be, just merely having the thought or speaking it doesn’t necessarily translate into achievable outcomes. Setting goals and making a dream a reality requires more than wishful thinking. In this blog, we will explore the importance of implementing strategies that can potentially increase your ability to make your dream a reality.

Set Your Goal With Intent ???

Setting a goal can be as simple as writing it down on paper. However, just writing it down requires a little effort. What happens after writing your goal down is where the real work begins. Even with stating your goal, did you write it with intent? Writing your goal with intent means this is a goal you really want to achieve and with some actionable steps to reach it. The goal should be specific to you and not something generic, sounds good, or belongs to someone else. How many times have we joined a bandwagon to do something we have little or no intent on doing? When setting your goal with intent, you have to consider what tools are needed, commit to the tools, establish a timeline to accomplish your goal.

Tools and Timeline For Goal Achievement

Once you have decided on the goal you want to achieve, you need to consider what tools are needed. Following are three simple and inexpensive tools/resources to use for goal attainment:

  • Vision boards
  • Synchronization of digital applications
  • Accountability partners

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals. Vision boards are used by lay persons and business people to set goals. It is a powerful tool that aids in keeping the visual representation of what you intend to achieve before your eyes. It is helpful to set timelines with your vision board. For example, divide your vision board into four quadrants to represent each quarter of the year. In each quadrant, provide a time and task to achieve the goal. One example is creating a schedule to exercise in your Outlook or Google calendar with an email notification synced with an alarm in phone for the same time.

Another effective tool is setting up tasks in your Outlook or Gmail accounts and synchronizing these tasks with alarm reminders in your smart phone. Using these methods are free and can assist you with investing time to tasks commitment. Synchronization can create routine and routine can result in habit-forming behavior that is key to commitment.

An accountability partner is someone you trust who will model, motivate, and move with you to achieve the goal. An accountability partner is that someone who is not only doing the tasks with you for goal achievement, but also motivating you via checking in with you on a regularly scheduled basis to make sure you stay on task. The check-ins can be done face-to-face at a set time or through social media via face time video chats or tagging in posts. The accountability methods should be agreed upon and consistent throughout the duration of the established goal attainment timeline.

As you set your goals for 2019, make sure that you write it down with intent, consider the tools you need to achieve your goals, and commit to the time and task necessary for goal attainment. Don’t let your goal be just another empty New Year’s Resolution. From Bald, Bearded, & Blessed, Happy New Year!

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