Men’s Health Month: How Important Is Your Health?

Men have a tendency to make sure they complete routine oil changes and maintenance on their vehicles. However, men have a tendency to only see their physician when they have a health issue. June has been deemed as Men’s Health Month. In this month’s blog, we will look at how important it is for men to invest in both their physical and mental health.

What Is Men’s Health Month?

The month of June is designated as Men’s Health Month. Men’s Health Month is a global observance to increase awareness to men’s health and to encourage men, boys, and their families to implement healthy eating and daily exercise. This effort is to encourage men to take control of their health. During this month, boys are taught to make good health decisions and practice them throughout their childhood. Men’s Health Month gives health care providers, public policy makers, and the media an opportunity to be stakeholders in the awareness by encouraging men to get health exams, proper nutrition, and exercise. Men’s Health Month is also recognized by Congress and urges men and boys to implement strategies for a healthy lifestyle to decrease injury and medical conditions that lead to cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Why Is Men’s Health Important?

Why is men’s health so important that an entire month is dedicated to recognize it? Great question! Here are some statistics that we need to know.

It is imperative that men take control over their physical and emotional health. The aforementioned is just a few of the statistics that indicate the negative affects of the absence of a healthy lifestyle.

What Should Men Do To Improve Their Health

When it comes to men’s health, men should not feel like they are invincible. Even if you feel good and healthy, men should not neglect to get a routine physical exam. If men experience stress and feel somewhat off kilter, it is totally okay to seek help and to talk about whatever is on your mind. It is not the best practice to suffer in silence. Stress is also a silent killer. Whether physical exercise and/or the aid of a mental health profession, without these forms of outlets stress can have a compound negative effect on a man’s health.


Men ask yourself some questions. How important is your health? How are you investing in your health? Do you exercise, eat healthy, and handle stress in a positive manner? Your answer to these questions are your choice. Choose wisely. Your longevity and those who love you are depending on you.

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