All Hail The Queen

In the July 2018 Bald, Bearded & Blessed blog post, we looked at the study of beards or pogonology. For avid beard lovers, pogonology is truly an academic lesson one can appreciate. In last month’s blog post, a study regarding the public opinion of the bald and bearded look was highlighted. In addition, we issued a poll to women and asked if they liked the bald and bearded look on men and why. This blog will focus on how much bald, bearded, & blessed kings love the queens.

Know What The Queen Likes

A confident queen knows what she likes, and doesn’t have a problem with letting her king know. If we are honest with ourselves men, we appreciate a queen who offers up her honest and authentic opinion. Her feedback with our bald and bearded look, and even our attire does attribute to our swag game being top notch. What bald, bearded, & blessed king doesn’t appreciate his queen stroking his man mane, rubbing his freshly shaved bald head, and telling him how good his beard is groomed? Or, he notices her observing him as he is getting dressed for their evening escapade?

Give The Queen What She Deserves

Nothing complements a bald, bearded, & blessed king like his queen. With that being a truth, we made a conscious decision to make sure the queens are appreciated. What better way to do so than to create a line of apparel for her. Bald, Bearded, and Blessed is elated to show our queens how much we recognize and admire what they do to boost our confidence and support. We have officially launched a line of shirts and tank tops for our queens. Yes! You read it! It’s not a typographical error. The For Hear shirt line is here! The Bald, Bearded, & Blessed king and queens will complement each other and embody the confidence in attitude but also in appearance!

The Queen

Bald, Bearded, & Blessed has just what the queens are looking for to compliment her king. From the fit, color, and feel, every queen will love the For Her line. Because we love our queens, we created multiple styles and colors to suit them all. We have regular, fitted, and tank tops available. We will also be adding a fall line in coming months. Queens we heard you loud and clear about what you like about the bald and bearded kings. Now, it is your turn! All hail the queen! To order, go to