Father’s Day: Honor the Beards

It’s time to honor the beards! Father’s Day is fast approaching. Besides birthdays and wedding anniversaries, Father’s Day is the one day of the year that fathers are celebrated and honored solely. Let’s be honest, moms tend to get recognized more often than fathers. For example, mothers usually get celebrated on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary, and National Women’s Day. All this is perfectly fine and there are no arguments that moms deserve to be celebrated. How wonderful it is for the beards to be honored too.

When it comes to showing appreciation for fathers on Father’s Day, some gifts have run their course and become all too common. Here are just a few….

  • a tie
  • handkerchief
  • socks
  • cufflinks
  • cologne

When it comes to fathers who rock an awesome beard and look great doing so, think about activities that fathers like to engage in. Following are a few activities that some father’s enjoy.

  • Exercising – For those fathers who like to work up a good sweat, get them some workout gear like t-shirts, arm band cell phone case, or sweat resistant earbuds.
  • Outdoor recreation – Some fathers love to do outdoor cookouts. A great barbecue cooking set is an excellent gift. Once dad puts this gift to use, it can be both beneficial to dad and the gift giver.
  • Entertainment – If dad loves music and technology, he’ll love a WiFi speaker system. He can listen to his favorite tunes while doing some outdoor cooking, or while smoking his favorite cigar with a paired beverage.

For the fathers who take pride in their beard grooming, one of the best ways to honor the beard bearing father is to purchase him some beard grooming products. If dad takes his beard grooming serious, he will invest in products to help him maintain his beard style. Get a grooming gift he can appreciate and show him you are paying attention to his beard upkeep. Do some probing and look in your father’s grooming kit. See what he uses on his beard from beard oil, balms, butter, washes, and/or shaving razors and trimmers.  After you complete your investigative work, purchase a gift set of his favorite beard care products.

Lastly, get a gift that accessorizes your father’s beard style. Get dad a Bald, Bearded, & Blessed t-shirt! There are over 22 styles you can choose from. He can wear his Bald, Bearded, & Blessed t-shirt during any of the aforementioned activities he may engage in. What better way to put a smile on your father’s face than to purchase him a Bald, Bearded, & Blessed t-shirt to accessorize his beard!  Take full advantage of the Father’s Day Flash Sale.  The sale ends on June 10, 2018.

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