How To Provide Good Customer Service During COVID-19

COVID-19 has interrupted how we interact with others.  With social distancing and wearing masks, we have to find safe and creative ways to stay connected with family and friends.  For most business owners, COVID-19 has also impacted how business is conducted.  Whether your business is a brick and mortar or e-commerce, adjusting how you do business to reach your customer base is vital to sustainability in facing this pandemic.  This blog will provide some important tips on how to continue to provide good customer service in the midst of COVID-19.  

Stay Connected with Customers

Staying connected to your customer base is very important, especially in our current social climate.  Connecting means more than just updating your customers with the new products, good, and/or services you offer. Staying connected includes letting your customers know how much you appreciate their loyalty, by continuing to do business with you.  Utilizing social media platforms can be the most efficient method to accomplish this.  Not only are most of the popular social media platforms free, but can be the best way to reach current customers and potentially new customers.  

Recognize Impact To Business and Modify Business Practices

Depending on how your business is impacted, customers can appreciate transparency and solutions.  Notifying customers of necessary changes by exercising preventative measures for public safety is key.  One way to accomplish this is to use your social media platforms to inform the public on implementation of policies, or practices that align with social distancing or safe service delivery.  For example, a restaurant owner will post a modified capacity for dine-in, modify the menu, and curbside services on their company’s website and automated phone system.  Or, a business owner who has an e-commerce store may be impacted by an inventory shortage with a particular product he/she receives from a wholesaler.  In that case, messaging about stock or inventory availability due to COVID-19 is important. 

Communicate Solutions for Unforeseen Challenges

If COVID-19 has not taught us anything, flexibility is one.  Unforeseen challenges can occur from point of purchase to service delivery.  When it does, how you handle the challenge can make a difference.  For some small e-commerce business owners, shipping products in recent months may have been a challenge with the postal service.  Due to COVID-19, there have been delays in shipping and deliveries in some states and cities. Although there is little to nothing that can be done to remedy a delay in delivery time after shipping, emailing the costumer the shipping tracking number upon shipping of the product can be helpful.  In addition, set up notifications via email or text message for status updates on the delivery.  These services are free.  As notifications updates are provided from the postal service, forwarding this information to the customer can provided added customer care and support.


How are you providing good customer service during COVID-19?  Hopefully, you will find the aforementioned tips helpful.  If you have not, please check out the upgrade we did to our website! Also, we have masks!  Social distance in style with our B3 Fashion Mask!  Please leave us a comment and if you like this blog, please share!

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