How Are You Communicating With Customers During COVID-19?

Bald Bearded & Blessed understands that our global community is faced with an unprecedented event that has disrupted our normal. We haven’t seen anything like this in our lifetime. In the midst of our fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or Coronavirus, how are you as a business staying connected and communicating with your customer base? This blog will explore three keys to stay connected from a business and personal perspective.

Communicate With Compassion

No matter what type of business you are in connection with your customers is important, especially in something as disruptive of what we’re experiencing with COVID-19. One way to do this is with a message of compassion. Sending a message to customers via email, social media or video can be meaningful. Let them know that you understand how this event has impacted us as a global community. Communicate how concerned you are with their well-being and encourage them and their family and love ones to be safe. Share with them important announcements and resources that they can access if needed. Communicating with compassion demonstrates you care, and you see more than just your bottom line.

Communicate Expectations

As a business owner, don’t keep your customers in the dark about what they should expect from your business. It is imperative to communicate to your customers what to expect from your business operations. Here are a few things to consider when communicating to your customers of what to expect from you.

  • Hours of operation
  • Change of location
  • Change in service delivery
  • How to best contact your business
  • Any expected delays in responses to email replies or callbacks
  • Any delays in shipping and delivery of goods

As any of the aforementioned changes occur, make sure to inform your customers of those changes.

Communicate With Action

We would agree that COVID-19 is an unprecedented event. For some businesses, it is not business as usual. For those businesses that can, provide a giveaway contest, discount or special deal. If a contest giveaway, discount, or special deal can’t be offered to the general public, offer them to your loyal customers. Here are some examples of tangible ways to show your customers you value their business.

  • Hashtag and/or tag a friend contest giveaways
  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Free shipping on any purchase
  • Feature a loyal customer in your social media ads
  • Allocate funds from sells to an organization or effort to provide supplies for first responders or healthcare workers

As a business owner, these are just a few ways you can engage in best practices of communicating with action to your customer base.


How are you communicating with your customers during this global health pandemic known as COVID-19 or Coronavirus? By communicating with compassion, communicating expectations, and communicating with action, you can have an lasting impact on your customers. First impressions are important. The manner by which you communicate and how you communicate goes a long way, especially at this present time.

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