What Queens of Bald, Bearded, & Blessed Kings Like 

Getting feedback from the queens of bald, bearded, & blessed kings regarding how their beard looks is valuable. Every bald, bearded, & blessed king should seek advice from his queen. When it comes to what queens like and admire the most with her king’s look, the bravado of her man’s bald and bearded look is no exception. For this blog, we will take a look at what queens have shared about what they find attractive about bald, bearded, & blessed kings.

What the Studies Say About the Bald & Bearded Look

From a historical perspective, the biologist and naturalist, Charles Darwin was the first to hypothesize that the sexual attraction women have for men is attributed to the beard. He documented this hypothosis in his work. This let’s us know there was some scientific observation about women’s attraction to beards. If Darwin suggested that beards were somehow linked to the attraction women have toward men who wear them, this could mean bald, bearded, & blessed kings are head, shoulders, and facial hair above the rest.

A University of Pennsylvania lecturer conducted a study to see what effects bald men had on the general public. The study consisted of 3 tests. The first test was comprised of 60 people looking at photos of men in various stages of hair; long, short, partially bald, and fully bald. The results from the participants stated that fully bald men were more powerful, dominate, and possess lots of authority. The second test consisted of participants looking at two photos of bald men both with hair and without. They concluded that not only did the men look more professional and dominant but slightly taller in height. In the last test, the participants were given verbal descriptions only of bald men. The results from the participants stated that bald men were more masculine.

Bald, Bearded, & Blessed Polled the Queens

We conducted our own poll. Queens were asked what they like about bald, bearded, & blessed kings. Of those queens who answered, 93% stated they like men with beards. Some of them stated they like men with beards that are nicely groomed and smell good. One woman responded by stating she loves to rub the beard and feel it. Now, that’s a woman who fully appreciates a bearded guy.


When it comes to being bald and bearded, we can conclude that it’s not just a matter of doing it for style. Queens can appreciate them too. For all the bald, bearded, and blessed kings, we are backed by public appeal and especially the queens.  Stay tuned for the Bald, Bearded, & Blessed for Her line.