A Day Worthy of Honor: Mother’s Day

This is the month mothers have their designated day to be honored; Mother’s Day. Most would agree that mothers should be honored and appreciated 365 days a year. A mother’s work is never done. At times, mothers are taken for granted. Bald, Bearded, & Blessed wants to take this opportunity to focus on why it’s important to honor mothers and in what ways mothers would like to be honored on Mother’s Day.

Why Should We Honor Mothers on Mother’s Day?

Why should mothers be honored, especially Mother’s Day? This question should be a “no brainer”. However, most people have at some point not recognized their mothers like they should. Although not intentionally, the lack of recognition and honoring mothers can be a subtle thing. Forgetting to say “thank you”, not calling as often, or visiting as much due to taking care of one’s own affairs. Besides giving birth to a child, mothers acquire a myriad of roles throughout their lifetime. None of which they get paid their worth in money to fulfill.
Here is a list of identified job roles mother play.

  1. CEO of the Household
  2. Personal Chef {clients may consist of picky eaters}
  3. Head Cheerleader of {insert your child’s name} team
  4. Housekeeper
  5. Taxi Driver {don’t expect to receive any tips}
  6. Judge Mom {daily court appearances}
  7. PhD in Anger Management
  8. Hair Stylist {mostly consists of impatient clients}
  9. Bed-wetting Patrol Squad
  10. Keeper of Secrets {shh I won’t tell}
  11. Food Tester
  12. Family Therapist {innervation at least once a week}
  13. Toddler Wrestling Coach
  14. Errand Runner
  15. Laundry Machine Operator
  16. Janitor
  17. Teacher {specializing in nursery rhythms, ABC’s and 123’s}
  18. Toy Repair Expert {fixer of the little parts}
  19. Finance Manager
  20. Art Director {remember; beauty is in the eye of the beholder}
  21. Land Scraper {the weeds won’t pull themselves}
  22. Potty Trainer
  23. Search and Rescue {for lost toys}
  24. Champion Tickler
  25. Lifeguard
  26. Daycare Provider
  27. Personal Assistant for the entire family
  28. No-Thumb Sucking Enforcer
  29. Wardrobe Stylist {this may consists of changing your client’s clothes several times a day}
  30. Personal Shopper
  31. Toothbrush Inspector
  32. PTA Mom
  33. Play-date Coordinator
  34. Birthday Events Director
  35. Sleep Scientist {will consist of many overnight studies}
  36. Scary Monster Patrol Officer
  37. Dramatic Story Teller
  38. Backyard Safety Patrol
  39. Professional Singer {concentrating on lullabies}
  40. Boo-Boo Fixer
  41. Kiss and Hugs Expert
  42. Speech Specialist
  43. Vacation Coordinator & Tour Guide
  44. PhD in Reverse Psychology
  45. Separation Anxiety Counselor
  46. In-Law Mediator
  47. Seamstress of Frilly Dresses and Super Hero Costumes
  48. Mrs. Fix-It
  49. Fort Engineer
  50. Stain Removal Expert
  51. Bodyguard
  52. Lady MacGyver

After reading this list, the question, “Why should we honor mothers on Mother’s Day”, becomes a rhetorical question. Count the number of roles your mother identifies with. If she identifies with just one, she deserves to be honored on Mother’s Day.

How To Honor Mothers on Mother’s Day

The question was posed, “What are the top 3 things moms want for Mother’s Day?” From those women who responded, the top 3 are as follows:

  1. Spend the day with family
  2. A day of pampering consisting of a spa, dinner, and alone time
  3. Have the entire house cleaned for her

By the way, some of the responses were in all caps and with exclamation marks. LOL! However one chooses to honor their mother on Mother’s Day, make sure she knows how much appreciated she is. Mothers are truly worthy of honor this set day.
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